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28 Feb, 2021



Angela Yuen Play Lives exhibition 2021 a

CoBo Social

8  May 2020

Angela Yuen Teaching the World How to See Reality Through Rose Coloured Lens

Using nostalgia and childhood memories as building blocks, Angela Yuen weaves light and shadows to create a visual love letter to Hong Kong’s Golden Years.



8 March, 2020



星島日報 Angela Yuen .png

Prestige Magazine

5 February, 2020

Plastic Fantastic

Local artist Angela Yuen may not limit the medium she uses, but her latest show is all about shining a light on elements that no longer a cast shadows in Hong Kong, writes Andrew Dembina

"My concept is of a time travel machine that had some kind of malfunction and enters a parallel universe"

Prestige Magazine Angela yuen March 2020.png


3月 4, 2020



Metropop March 2020 Angela Yuen.jpg

頭條 Pop News

12 March, 2020

#子翔專訪】阮家儀 迷失光影間


Headline Angela yuen Solo.png


24 March, 2020

7 Extraordinary Hong Kong Artists Using Out-Of-The-Ordinary Materials In Their Works

“The material is imbued with symbolic meaning associated with the spirit, sweat and hardship of the local labour, and plastic manufactured objects serve as an iconic representation of Hong Kong’s manufacturing boom that shapes the early stages of the city’s modernisation,” says Yuen.

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 4.19.40 PM.png

25/2/2020 拉近文化

香港開電視77台:星期日早上 10:00
有線電視財經資訊台:星期日晚上 19:45


塑膠玩具、塑膠家品......香港曾經盛產塑膠製品。Angela 用塑膠結合光影,造出迷離奇幻時光機,帶你回味香港逐漸失去的事物。

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 12.42.06 PM.png

RTR  FM92.1

12 March, 2020

Plasticology: An Art Exhibition That Isn’t a Waste of Your Time!

Two of these artists Yu Fang Chi and Angela Yuen, joined Tom for On The Record and explained their works. They discussed materials and mediums, what they hope people take away from their art and just how big of a problem waste is in other countries...

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 2.13.06 PM.png

Dimsum Daily 

5 December 2019

Year of the Pig Exhibition and Online Charity Auction by Phillips Hong Kong from 7th to 10th December

“Inspired by the blow moulded piggy bank manufactured in Hong Kong during the 60s and 70s – from the classic red colour in plastic, to the hand painted gold strips and the spray-painted cute eyes. In a time of need, they served as toys as well as money boxes for children. It contains the wishes of thousands of children, reflecting the history, changes of daily life and the value of the city throughout decades. Looking through the rectangular lens on the piggy bank artwork, one can see a kaleidoscopic scene of the current surroundings and oneself, the hopes contained inside the piggy bank, now and then.”

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 7.31.54 PM.png


五月 23, 2019



有一天  : 十一人聯展

radio903, Angela Yuen, One Day



《Art Central》裝置薈萃新點子


SingTao Art and Culture 22/3/2019 ANgela

China Daily 

Friday, March 29, 2019

Spotlight on homegrown talent

By Liana Cafolla

Angela Yuen is showing a colorful, carousel-like piece entitled City Rhapsody — Project Roseate, which celebrates Hong Kong’s history. The piece, with several small plastic toys attached to it, turns round in slow motion. A light source at the center casts colored shadows of the plastic animals, trees and geometry box tools, creating an impression of the Hong Kong skyline, projected onto the three surrounding walls — double-sided screens that allow for shadow play and encourage audience participation. 

China Daily Angela Yuen ARt Central.png

香港 01


藝術博覽今起中環海濱舉行 藝術家強調本土意識:港人忘卻自己


HK01, Angela Yuen, Art Central

Financial Times

Hong Kong’s Art Central fair — political commentary and accessible prices

Financial Times Angela Yuen

Passion Times HK

13/1/2018 9:00 pm

腹黑議事廳 #214 「以光影藝術回望香港」


Passion Times Angela Yuen

Hong Kong Cable TV

02 - 03 September 2017

Hong Kong Cable TV  Channel 51 and 77

Programme : Close To Culture - 有線電視《拉近文化》8pm 


Cable TV Angela Yuen

South China Morning Post

February 17, 2017

Painting a moo-sterpiece: artists use their creativity to raise money for FilmAid Asia’s charity programmes

by Tiffany Choi

Art Is On Cow, Angela Yuen


April 5, 2016

ELLE Blog  香港:Hotel Stage 登臺酒店 – 推動本地文化時尚酒店

Elle Blog Hotel Stage Angela Yuen

RTHK Radio 5

7 July, 2020


84 舊物件 (嘉賓:阮家儀)


RTHK Radio 5 #84 舊物件 (嘉賓:阮家儀).png


20 March, 2020

藝術工廠妹Angela Yuen



信報訪問:藝術工廠妹Angela Yuen.png


8 April, 2020

Plastic recycled and reimagined

The Puzzle I (pictured top) moves away from nostalgia and into alarm: stark green and red illumination pairs with dizzying movement on two axes. In the ups and downs of Hong Kong life, an underground is visible under the skyscrapers, plastic toys transformed into hanging human shadows. Look closely at both installations and you’ll spot the police presence.

Seesaw Magazine .png

China Daily

8 May, 2020

The Female Figures

“I miss the things from my childhood such as street vendors and rickshaws, which are elements I very much want to coexist with the present because they add color to our lives,” says Yuen

China Daily 06032020.jpeg

The West Australian

24 March, 2020

Flash Plastic From Asia

Yuen also uses unwanted plastic in her work specifically plastic toys mostly found during treasure hunts in the bustling former manufacturing district of some show Paul, a predominantly poor area of Hong Kong

The West Australian- Angela Yuen Plastic

RTHK Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 3

25/2/2020  Radio 3

1 2 3 Show

On Thursday’s 123 Show Karen Koh is sitting in for Noreen again. We’ll hear about “The Lost Time Travel Machine”, a new solo show by artist Angela Yuen. Our reporter Andrew Dembina went along for a preview and talked to Angela about her exhibition of kinetic and shadow-making works.



5 March 2020



Artist portrait with artwork The Lost Ti


12 March 2020

阮家儀 迷失光影間

香港藝術家 阮家儀:「很多來參觀展覽的觀眾,可能悶在家裏,感到沮喪,因為疫情,感覺頹然,但這個光影展覽,令他們覺得很有生氣,氣氛愉快,帶給觀眾苦中一點樂。」

Art and Culture Angela Yuen.png


19March, 2020


寰球会客室-装置艺术家 阮家仪



好𢯊 Good Dig

五月 17, 2019



Good Dig, Angela Yuen, One Day

香港電台 RTHK

#5 Art Central Hong Kong装置汇萃:策展人与艺术家


今期专访将介绍Art Central Hong Kong的大型计划装置汇萃,由独立策展人郭瑛及本地艺术家阮家仪,解构今次的合作方式,让大家了解策展人的工作,以及年青艺术家于香港的发展。

Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 6.28.59 PM.png


Art Central 2019 outdid itself with an amazing fair for the Hong Kong Art Week

by Suzz 

Artitute, Angela Yuen , Art Central



Art Central 無懼敏感議題 大談中港身份矛盾



去年還在Affordable Art Fair的Young Talent羣展中看到本地新晉藝術家阮家儀的名字,今年她已帶着自己的燈光裝置作品《City Rhapsody – Project Roseate》,成為Art Central的重點推介。


The Art Newspaper

Mar 27, 2019  

进入Art Central艺术“嘉年华“:遭遇亚洲新锐荟萃,感受互动时尚体验


The Art Newspaper, Angela Yuen

Creative Cowboy Film



We catch up with Angela during the exhibition HK6: Six contemporary Hong Kong artists – 2018 at Niagara Galleries. Also exhibiting at Niagara in HK6 are Halley Cheng, Kwong Man Chun, Dick Lai, Joyce Lung and Stanley Siu.

Creative Cowboy Films Angela Yuen

Jefferson Mendoza

13/10/2017 9:00 pm

Opening and VIP night at Art Next Expo 2017: Tour & interviews with local and emerging artists 

Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 5.33.16 PM.png


06 July 2017 

Hokkfabrica ART & CULTURE 

【專訪】Her Story:一道微縮風景,將香港歷史夢幻呈現。這是香港藝術家阮家儀的日常

Hokkfabrica Angela Yuen

TVB Pearl

24 March 2016  

TVB Pearl Channel 3 - Programme : Dolce Vita  9pm 

明珠台 <港生活.港享受> 晚上9:00

Art Bridge Project managed by Tony Scott, Director of China Art Projects.

Hotel Stage 
Yau Ma Tei is a living time capsule of the old Hong Kong, but a lot of us might not have deep impressions of its cultural scene. Join Andrew and Veronica on their journey to a boutique hotel in Yau Ma Tei to explore local artworks and be inspired by the unique ambience of living artistry. 

Angela Yuen, Object Landscape, Room 502-


Dec 2015

WIDEWALL: article by Nikola Milosevic - Angela Yuen

angela yuen.jpg
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