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Ping Yao Sculpture Project 2019

Curator: Ulrich Loock and Peng Feng

Participating Artists:

隋建国,岳敏君,陈文令,陈志光,向阳,展望,李鸿韦,李涛,李鹤,李真,欧阳苏龙,杨穹,王艺,苍鑫,王开方,郅敏,谢克,谢晓泽,任天进,王立伟,施力仁,谷文达,何翔宇,强勇,薛雷,郑路,阮家仪,王滢露,张钊瀛,田晓磊,金石,王焕青,任宏伟,任哲,吴达新,郭工,吴笛笛,陈曦,章燕紫,琴嘎,王少帅,栗子,田禾,李梦媛,钞氏兄弟,Tony Brown, Jon Isherwood, Thomas Eller, 印度兄妹工作室, James Carl, Jamue Plensa, Heidi Voet, Richard Deacon,

Sovereign Asian Art Foundation Pig Project 2019
Piggy Bank, 2019

Inspired by the blow molded piggy bank manufactured in Hong Kong during 60s and 70s, from the classic red color in plastic, the hand painted gold strips to the spray painted cute eyes, in a time of need, they served as toys as well as money boxes for children. It contains
wishes of thousands of children, reflecting the history, changes of daily life and the value of the city throughout decades.
Looking through the rectangular lens on the piggy bank artwork, one can see a kaleidoscopic scene of the current surroundings and oneself, the hopes contained inside the Piggy Bank now and then.

City Rhapsody
Art Central, 2019

An imaginary skyline made from locally selected manufacturing objects, each object selected marks a significant era of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industries in 50s - 60s. I have chosen plastic toys and constructed a series of "dreamscapes, a fantasy homeland that people at that time may have visualised. The spinning sculpture resembles the country’s once-endless sprawl. The spinning of the work is a metaphor of city's dynamic movement. The closer people engaged to the city, the more complex and dynamic the city becomes.

The ongoing city silluhette with a spinning light sculpture. Audience entering the room will trigger the sensor, each step closer to the sculpture, the more LED lights lit up, making the silluhette on wall more duplicated and complex. The light resistant cloth covered room allows outsiders to observe the experience of this ever changing city.

Medium: light & sensor interactive installation - plastic toys,
resin, motor, LED lights, sensor, light resistant cloth
Size: W 2500 x D 2500 x H 2500mm

Art Central best pic Angela Yuen install
Toy Kaleidoscope
FilmAid Asia - Charity Auction, 2017

Plastic Toys, Resin, Colored Glue, Aluminum

This artwork displays an interesting outcome of plastic toys being placed under resin and coloured glue. Plastic toys was a symbol of Hong Kong manufacturing industries during 1960s, it is a reminder of the Lion Rock Spirit. I see them disappearing and being neglected nowadays, and I create a giant toy kaleidoscope sculpture, viewers can see through the tubes installed on the cow and appreciate plastic toys from a different angle.

Hotel Stage – Art Bridge Project

Tony Scott was engaged by Hotel Stage, a new and dynamic hotel in Jordan, Kowloon to commission artists to participate in its inaugural Art Bridge program. The project aimed to showcasing work by both leading and emerging art practitioners. Art Stage believes that art and the art community are not only important to contemporary society but are also integral to the success of a modern and dynamic community. Art and community have a direct connection with each other, enriching the world we live in and inform the diversity of the art we encounter. In preparation for the hotels opening and in order to engage with, and be part off, Hong Kong’s dynamic contemporary culture, Art Bridge has invited a diverse community of artists to contribute to its artistic program. Art Bridge aims to tell stories of its community through different art forms, it acts as a catalyst in connecting the rich culture of the city to the hotel guests through exhibition, performance, art installation, workshops, dialogue and more.

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