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The Utopia Series. 2017

The Utopia, Angela Yuen Ka Yee, Video installation, 3 channels, 3 10", 2017

Angela observed the unfolding of the urban sprawl in Beijing, as the sixth ring and then seventh ring road encircled this rapidly growing city.  Villages are destroyed and pushed further out to the fringes, the land turned into the government standard of utopia. But what is left after this standardization?  Manufactured products from industries are picked up and gathered together to create a stop- motion video resembling the country’s once-endless sprawl.

烏托邦, 阮家儀, 影像, 三個視頻,3分10秒, 2017


由六環到七環,村莊被摧毁,再被推進城市邊緣 ; 土地變成政府標準的烏托邦。但是,在這標準化之後,這個城市還餘下什麽?阮家儀聚集一些工業製品,創建了一個無盡蔓延的城市景觀動畫。

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