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The Lost Time Travel Machine


Plastic Toys, resin, motor, gears, LED lights, Dia 55 x H 80 cm, 2020

This is a work that emits sounds and smoke, programmed with flickering lights. Covered with different plastic products, there is a Choo Choo train that rotates through the circular sphere. Projecting the silhouette of Hong Kong in different eras, "This train is like a galaxy railways or a Lost Time Travel Machine, that travel through different time and space in Hong Kong.  Each time and space will appear staggered, making me imagine some of the disappeared buildings or scenes in Hong Kong, such as Queen’s Pier, street hawkers, Siu Pai Dong, Birds Street, co-exist in the current Hong Kong and enter a parallel world. Architecture from the 1960s to the present are intertwined, piecing together a fantasy Hong Kong in a parallel world.

盪失路”是迷路口語化的的粵語,這是一件會發聲和噴煙的作品,配合閃爍著的燈光,上面除了滿佈不同塑膠製品,還有一列火車,隨著裝置轉動,配合燈光於牆壁投射出不同時期的香港面貌,「這火車就像銀河列車,能穿越香港不同時空,而每個時空會交錯出現,讓我幻想著一些香港已消失的建築物或場景,例如皇后碼頭、小販檔、大排檔等,可再次出現眼前。」由時光機觀眾進入平行時空60 70年代至現今香港的建築物一層一層交錯,拼湊出一個平行世界的奇幻香港。

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