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City Rhapsody
Art Central, 2019

An imaginary skyline made from locally selected manufacturing objects, each object selected marks a significant era of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industries in 50s - 60s. I have chosen plastic toys and constructed a series of "dreamscapes, a fantasy homeland that people at that time may have visualised. The spinning sculpture resembles the country’s once-endless sprawl. The spinning of the work is a metaphor of city's dynamic movement. The closer people engaged to the city, the more complex and dynamic the city becomes.

The ongoing city silluhette with a spinning light sculpture. Audience entering the room will trigger the sensor, each step closer to the sculpture, the more LED lights lit up, making the silluhette on wall more duplicated and complex. The light resistant cloth covered room allows outsiders to observe the experience of this ever changing city.

Medium: light & sensor interactive installation - plastic toys,
resin, motor, LED lights, sensor, light resistant cloth
Size: W 2500 x D 2500 x H 2500mm

Art Central best pic Angela Yuen install
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