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Hotel Stage – Art Bridge Project

Tony Scott was engaged by Hotel Stage, a new and dynamic hotel in Jordan, Kowloon to commission artists to participate in its inaugural Art Bridge program. The project aimed to showcasing work by both leading and emerging art practitioners. Art Stage believes that art and the art community are not only important to contemporary society but are also integral to the success of a modern and dynamic community. Art and community have a direct connection with each other, enriching the world we live in and inform the diversity of the art we encounter. In preparation for the hotels opening and in order to engage with, and be part off, Hong Kong’s dynamic contemporary culture, Art Bridge has invited a diverse community of artists to contribute to its artistic program. Art Bridge aims to tell stories of its community through different art forms, it acts as a catalyst in connecting the rich culture of the city to the hotel guests through exhibition, performance, art installation, workshops, dialogue and more.

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