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Angela Yuen 阮家儀


Born in 1991, Based in Hong Kong


Angela Yuen graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. She went to Linfiled College in the U.S. for an exchange program in 2013 to develop her installation art and received the Dean's List Honours. In 2016, she had her artist in residency at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing. In 2019, she was the finalist at Sovereign Asian Art Prize. In 2021, she was the finalist at 26th Ifva awards (Media Art Category).  


Angela Yuen’s art practice focuses on urban culture and the theme “Neighbourhood”. Yuen highlights the symbolic meaning of her selected found objects and transforms them into her own artistic language. Under rapid urban development, Hong Kong people experience ever-evolving physical and social environment. Through collecting manufactured objects, Yuen rediscovers the human warmth she was once used to as a child growing up in this city. “Neighbourhood” is not only a theme of her practice, but also deeply embedded in her creative process.


Her works have been shown in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Australia ; collected by Hotel Stage Hong Kong, IFC Isola, LRC Hong Kong, The Middle House Shang Hai, Niagara Gallery Australia, and private collections. 


阮家儀 ,1991出生於香港 ,2014年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術系。2016 年於北京紅門畫廊作藝術家駐留。2019年,她入圍Sovereign Asian Art Prize,並於同年入選第二届平遙國際雕塑節。2021年,她入圍 第二十六屆 Ifva 獎。



自2013年起參與多個藝術展覽及藝博會, 其作品曾於 香港、澳門、北京、墨爾本等地方展出 ; 作品為香港國際金融中心Isola、香港登臺酒店 、香港婦女遊樂會、上海鏞舍 (The Middle House)、墨爾本Niagara Gallery及Adam Collection收藏。




2011-2014          Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts (Hons), Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

2013                Linfield College, U.S.A.

                         Exchange Programme- Dean list


Solo Exhibitions

2020                Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong

                       The Lost Time Travel Machine

2017                Hotel Stage, Hong Kong

                       Object Landscape II

2016                Hotel Stage, Hong Kong

                       Object Landscape

2015                China Art Project Space, Hong Kong

                       Object Landscape


Group Exhibitions

2021                 K11 Atelier, Hong Kong

                       Sotheby's Auction Preview

                       Contemporary Curated: Asia | JAY CHOU x SOTHEBY’S

                        ZiWU, Beijing

                        City Rhapsody

                        Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong 

                        Parallel Fantasies

                        Design Spectrum at 7 Mallory Street, Hong Kong

                        Hong Kong Design Centre : PLAY LIVES 

                        Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

                        26th IFVA award Finalist Exhibition

2020                 Soho House, Hong Kong

                        Para Site Annual Auction 2020

                        Christie's Auction House, Hong Kong

                        Asia Art Society 20th Annual Fundraiser

                        Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong 

                        Summer Interlude

                        The Goods Shed by Form, Perth, Australia


                        Artsy x Art Central, Hong Kong

                        Contemporary By Angela Li

2019                 In-situ: Hong Kong Artist Residency, Hong Kong

                        Group exhibition : Janice Cheng | Angela Yuen | Manchun Kwong

                       The Repulse Bay, Hong Kong
                       The heART of Summer

                       Ping Yao, China 

                       Ping Yao Sculpture Project

                        Hart Hall, Hong Kong

                        Sovereign Asian Art Prize - Finalist Exhibition


                        9 Mallory Street, Hong Kong

                        One Day

                        Art Central, Hong Kong

                        Contemporary By Angela Li

                        Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong



2018               Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong

                         Daily Abstract 


                        Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

                        Young Talent - Weighty Light

                         Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

                         6 Hong Kong Artists

                         CAP Project Space, Hong Kong

                         8 Hong Kong Artists

                         Regency Art Hotel, Macau 

                         6075 Macau Art Fair 


                         Kubrick ArtPick, Hong Kong

                         The Art of Gifting

2017                Sagra Gallery, Australia



                         PMQ, Hong Kong

                         Art Next - Next +


                         Hotel Stage, Hong Kong



                         10 Design, Hong Kong

                         Light & Space


                         Film aid, Hong Kong

                         Art is on Cow


2016                3.3 Sanlitun, Beijing

                         The Unruly


                         Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

                         Red Gate Residency Open Studio


                         China Art Projects, Hong Kong

                         Back To The Future Phase II


2015                Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

                         Back To The Future Phase I


                         Hotel Stage, Hong Kong

                         Art Bridge Project


2014                Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts BA (VA)

                         Graduation Exhibition 2014

                         Hong Kong Baptist University Visual Art Student Society Annual Exhibition


2013                China Art Projects project space, Hong Kong

                         Illumination 1 & 2



2019                 Hart Haus P05, Hong Kong 

2016                Red Gate Gallery, Beijing 



Harbour East, Hong Kong

Alan Chan Collection, Hong Kong

William Lim Collection, Hong Kong

LRC, Hong Kong

Thomas Shao Collection, Hong Kong

Isola, IFC, Hong Kong 

Hotel Stage, Hong Kong

The Middle House, Shanghai China

Niagara Galleries, Melbourne Australia

Adam Collections, Sydney Australia

Private collections


2019                 Sovereign Asian Art Foundation

                        Pig Project 2019- Charity Auction

                        Art Central Special Project, Hong Kong

                        City Rhapsody 

2017               Film aid, Hong Kong

                      Art is on Cow Charity Auction

2015               Hotel Stage, Hong Kong

                      Art Bridge Project


2021             26th Ifva awards (Media Art Category) - Finalist  

2019             Sovereign Asian Art Prize - Finalist  

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